How many players can be on our team?

Each team must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players on it’s roster. There are 5 players on the field at all times with 1 goalie and 4 players.


How Many Games will we Play?

Teams are guaranteed 4 15min games and at least 2 playoff games


What times does the Tournament Start and end?

8am - registration opens

9am - Game play will begin

4pm - Last game is over 


How will I know when my Team’s Games are?

There will be a central scheduling board at field level and regular announcements from an MC


How is the Winners Determined

The playoff format will be “bracket style” and the winning team in each division will need to go undefeated in the playoffs to be crowned champs


Is There a prize for the winning teams?

Each Player from the winning team in each division will win a prize pack along with White Caps official game balls and a Trophy.


Do I need to raise money to play?

There are two options to register

1. Pay the team registration fee of $500 with no minimum fundraising requirement, however we encourage each player to raise $100

2. Register your team for free with a minimum team fundraising goal of $1,400. All donations go directly to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, any donation over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt.